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T : 703-945-2024

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Flawless Hair Care

Our Luxurious Flawless Hair Care product are 100 effective. We strive in our hair care product. Our product brings damage hair back to life and leave it healthy and shiny. 

Hair Serum 1.7oz

Our Flawless Hair serum is detect frizzy hair and damage condition and correct it. Our extra strength serum protect the hair leaving it Silky, smooth, hydrated and frizz free.

Wax Stick 2.7oz

Flawless Wax Stick is a lightweight styling wax that allows you to mold and sculpt your hair with precision and shine. It sculpt and smoooth your edges, define and hold style. 

Lace Glue 1.3oz

Flawless Lace Glue is the ultimate adhesive bond that made for all types of skins and scalps.  It is waterproof and advance moisture control that provides maximum hold under high temperatures any where. 

Heat Protection Mist 2.7oz

Flawless Heat Protection Most Spray protect your hair from Heat styling damages to the hair that leaves it smooth, shiny and healthy Leigh’s weight hair.